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“Thank you, Margarita for “Marina” novel. The plot touched   me very much, as it was in my youth. I felt like I want to love and be loved. If I had read the novel earlier then I could forgive the unfaithfulness to save my family. But I was proud and couldn’t forgive. The experiences and pain help characters make the right choice. The book is gripping. I wish you creative achievements.

Sincerely: Lyudmila from Syktyvkar”


 “Your book “Marina” impressed me and my mother very much. This book is read with ease and pleasure. The plot is very exciting and it is nice that the book’s end is happy in its own way. We thank you very much!

We are looking forward to the next editions. Anna and Nataliya, the Moscow region.”


 “Greetings from Moscow!!

We thank the author for this real story about woman's destiny. We envy the Marina’s character, that she had the chance to experience  such feelings which any woman reading the novel  would like to feel and would like  to be married to such a husband who understands , forgives her and helps save  the things they cherish.

       We regard the “Marina” author – Margarita Paykova –Monako as a talanted writer who must by all means continue her creative activity for the sake of  all women.

                                               With great respect from Lyudmila and Nadezhda from  Moscow’


‘With thanks from the reader Nataliya Melihova from the town of Minsk, Belarus.

The “Marina” novel is absorbing and expressive. It is read with ease but one also empathizes the characters’ uneasy destiny. It’s wonderful that there are writers like Margarita Paykova - Monaco, who don’t write a show literature but life-like and romantic at the same time.

Best regards: N.Melihova’


“Good afternoon, Margarita!...... I am very grateful to you for the “Marina” novel for two reasons:

        1. I began to read the book in the airplane when we were coming back to our native land- Russia, Novosibirsk. There was a severe turbulence and the plane swayed from side to side. It was very scary. But I read your book and couldn’t leave it. This took my mind off the situation till everything calmed down.

       2.  In short, this is a very impressive novel about the woman’s happiness. It is read with ease. The young woman’s story intrigues and does not leave the reader. Indeed, such women live among us. And why was the woman made like that? When she has all: a husband, children, wealth, normal relations in the family why does she need other love emotions? It’s a pity that her love lasted for so short   and she wanted more and more…. But everything came back to the plan designed beforehand.  What a morality, justifying the wise saying ‘When doing good, don’t expect good!!!’  Or ‘We don’t value the things we have but we cry when we lose them!!! Wishing you a good luck and other exciting novels.

Thank you for “Marina” novel - it is still in my soul and in my thoughts!!!!

With respect: Kozhevnikova Olga Dmitrieva Director of ‘Podsnezhnik’Child and Adolescent Creativity Centre And Non-profit Organization”


“I read the “Marina” novel with great interest. Emotional!

I want to read some of the pages again and again. I was deeply touched by the woman’s destiny of the Marina character.

My respect to the author: Galina from Saint Petersburg.


P.S. I wish that the MARGARITA PAYKOVA-MONAKO’s novels became WELL KNOWN in RUSSIA.

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