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Margarita Paykova-MONACO  is a Bulgarian writer. She is born in the village of Patresh, Veliko Tarnovo region. She graduated from School of Economics in Svishtov and from the Institute of Pedagogy in Ruse, Russian and English speciality. She lived in Vienna and Prague where her daughter Daniela Rabcheva  studied opera singing. She worked as an economist and а lecturer in English and Russian.Later on she worked as a journalist and a correspondent in a local and central press. She speaks Russian, English, French and Czech.


Being a journalist Margarita Paykova has more than four hundred articles, reportages and interviews in the media. In her early work she wrote stories. For the story Haymaking she won second prize in a literary competition, established by the Young Writer’s club, named after Elias Kanetti: the famous austrian nobel prize winner born in the town of Ruse. Margarita is the author of three novels – “Marina”, “The Australian girl” and "Autumn in Prague". The first two novels she was published under the MONACO pseudonym.



In a casual conversation the author finds out that according to the reincarnation Chinese calendar  in her last life she had lived during the XVI century in the Principality of Monaco and she had been a translater- after the concepts of that time. When she learns this, she decides to choose Monaco for her pseudonym.

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